Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation - download pdf or read online

By Adele Goldberg

ISBN-10: 0201113716

ISBN-13: 9780201113716

Desk OF CONTENTS: (1) gadgets and Messages (2) Expression Syntax (3) sessions and situations (4) Subclasses (5) Metaclasses (6) Protocol for all items (7) Linear Measures (8) Numerical periods (9) Protocol for All assortment sessions (10) Hierarchy of the gathering periods (11) 3 Examples that Use Collections (12) Protocol for Streams (13) Implementation of the elemental assortment Protocol (14) Kernel aid (15) a number of self reliant methods (16) Protocol periods (17) The Programming Interface (18) photographs Kernel (19) Pens (20) exhibit gadgets (21) chance Distributions (22) Event-Driven Simulations (23) facts collecting in Event-Driven Simulations (24) using assets in Event-Driven Simulations (25) Coordinated assets for Event-Driven Simulations (26) The Implementation (27) Specification of the digital laptop (28) Formal Specification of the Interpreter (29) Formal Specification of the Primitive tools (30) Formal Specification of the article reminiscence.

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The literal representation of a symbol is a sequence of alphanumeric characters preceded by a pound sign, for example, :#:bill #M63 There will never be two symbols with the same characters; each symbol is unique. This makes it possible to compare symbols efficiently. Arrays An a r r a y is a simple data s t r u c t u r e object whose contents can be referenced by an integer index from one to a n u m b e r t h a t is the size of the array. Arrays respond to messages requesting access to their contents.

An operation performed ,directly by the Smalltalk-80 virtual machine. FinancialHistory The name of a class used as an example in this book. system classes The set of classes that come with the Smalltalk-80 system. 2 Expression Syntax Literals Numbers Characters Strings Symbols Arrays Variables Assignments Pseudo-variable Names Messages Selectors and Arguments Returning Values Parsing Formatting Conventions Cascading Blocks Control Structures Conditionals Block Arguments Summary of Terminology 18 Expression Syntax Chapter 1 introduced the f u n d a m e n t a l concepts of the Smalltalk-80 system.

The class whose instances represent rectangular areas is named Rectangle. The class whose instances represent computational processes is named Process. Each instance variable in an object's private memory refers to one object, called its value. The values of a Rectangle's two instance variables are instances of Point t hat represent opposing corners of its rectangular area. The fact t hat Rectangles have two instance variables, or t h a t those instance variables refer to Points is strictly internal information, unavailable outside the individual Rectangle.

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