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The professional assistance had to customise your SPICE circuits

Over the previous decade, simulation has turn into an more and more critical a part of the digital circuit layout procedure. This source is a compilation of fifty totally labored and simulated Spice circuits that digital designers can customise to be used of their personal tasks. not like conventional circuit encyclopedias Spice Circuit guide is exclusive in that it offers designers with not just the circuits to exploit however the recommendations to simulate their customization.

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The schematic of this circuit is shown in Fig. 31. This simulation also allows us to compare the operational amplifier models that came with each software package. The response of this circuit is driven from rail to rail, providing the saturation voltages of the models. 25 IsSpice filter response to a step input. 1 BESSELOUT vs. 26 IsSpice AC filter response. 27 PSpice filter response to a step input. 28 PSpice AC filter response. 29 Micro-Cap filter response to a step input. 30 35 Micro-Cap AC filter response.

This page intentionally left blank Chapter 3 Filter Circuits Filter circuits form the initial building block for many different systems. Communications circuits require only certain signal frequencies to be passed on to transmitter and receiver circuits. Power converters use filters on the input bus to filter out spurious noise and on the output line to smooth the rectified signal. Digital logic circuits use bypass capacitors and RC networks to filter supply voltages that must travel some distance before reaching the IC.

734 Advantages: Moderate parts count, flat response in the pass band Disadvantages: Filter Q greater than that of other filter types File names: lp fltr (IsSpice), lp fltr (PSpice), lpflt (Micro-Cap) Fourth-Order Butterworth High Pass Filter A quick modification to the circuit in Fig. 1 produces a high pass filter response. The schematic for the high pass filter is shown in Fig. 7, and its AC response is shown in Fig. 8. The same pulse as in the low pass filter was applied to the high pass filter. The breadboard results are shown in Fig.

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